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Society Information

The society is a profitless public organisation working according to the Russian legislation. The activity of the society is regulated by the Charter. The society is founded in 1998 for active information interchange, development of researches and practical applications in the area of scanning probe microscopy and nanotechnology.

The society unites the Russian scientists and engineers working in various areas of a science and engineering: physics of a surface, physics of semiconductors, biophysics, physical chemistry, microelectronics and organisations involved in researches in the area of SPM, developments in the area of instrument making with application SPM, foreign cientists promoting development SPM in Russia. The society supposes reception of the associative members. The society spreads the work to Russia, countries of CIS, world community.

The Society is registered in INTERNET with address and the organizing committee is located in Moscow city (Russia).

Society Secretariat
The Society Secretariat is formed by general meeting of the Society and is engaged in the collection of information and organisation of the Society activity in a period between Constituent Assemblies.

The Society branches can be organised at large scientific and industrial centres (Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Nignii-Novgorod, Kazan, Siberian society etc.). The Society branches engaged in organisation of conferences, schools, promotion on premiums, circulars, realisation of voting's (including network voting's - it means each member has the password) to take new members in the Society, realise expert assessments of works. The Secretariat is convoked on a short term once in a half of year to realise the results of work and affirm new plans.

Strategic planning of activity

The activity of the Society is carried out within the framework of the accepted strategic plan of development.
The Executive Committee carries out the accepted plan of development.
The Secretariat informs the members of the Society about the plans of work, collects information about its members' offers and prepares information for the Executive Committee, keeps the WEB page of the Society.
The plans of development are made on the basis of the offers which have been put forward by the members of the Society.

Working in INTERNET
The Society widely uses INTERNET opportunities in its activity. Now it opens and will be active to function bilingual Web page of the Society.
By the term till September, 1998 for the introduction into the Society it will be enough to send the information about yourself according to the standard form. Each member of the Society will be given a password guaranteeing personal participation in acceptance of the Society decisions and an opportunity of correction of the data within the framework of a place, assigned to it on the server.
The member of the Society is responsible for the correctness of the information about itself or about its group and the Society WEB-foreman is responsible for the conformity of the represented information to subjects of page.
In the Web-page you will be able to find the information about thematic conferences, seminars and about the news in the SPM-world.
It will be constant to keep a SPM-conference.

Conferences and seminars
The Society is engaged in the questions of organisation of congresses, conferences, schools etc. on subjects of the Society activity.

1. SPM development in Russia
- distribution of SPM knowledge, including
- publication in a scientific and popular press,
reading of lectures,
- creation and distribution of SPM courses for universities,
technical schools, schools.
2. Development of researches in SPM
- conference and seminars,
- development of methods and perfection of tools.
3. Distribution of activity of the Society on the territory of CIS.
4. International cooperation.RSSPMaN is controlled by Council, which is selected by its members. The Council selects from their numbers the Executive Committee, which is responsible for the Society work through the Constant Secretariat.
The Society Council proposes the President, which affirms at a public assembly of the Society.
The scientific activity of the Society is coordinated by its Council, in which structure the responsible people for the following activities are elected:
- International communications of the Society,
- coordination of the Society activity with the associative members
of the countries of CIS,
- coordination of the Society activity with Russian public rganisations,
including the organisations working in the area of Natural ciences,
- enlightening activity of the Society.


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